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Mike & Sharon Vande Noord

Our range is based on 240 acres of pristine Iowa rolling hills

Two Skeet Fields, Two 5 Stand Fields, Trap and Multiple Sporting Clays Stations

Expert Shooting Instruction

Mike is a Master Class Shooter in the National Sporting Clays Association. He brings and shares his knowledge and expertise to the range every day.


Rules of the Range


  • ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
  • ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot
  • Know your target and what is beyond
  • Know how to use your gun safely
  • Be sure the gun is safe to operate.
  • Only load 1 shell at a time unless shooting doubles in skeet or pairs in sporting clays. Then load 2 shells
  • Use only the correct ammunition for your gun.
  • Eye and ear protection is required at all times while on the shooting fields even if you are a spectator. Absolutely No Exceptions
  • NEVER use alcohol, prescription, over-the-counter, or other drugs which may impair judgment before or while shooting.
  • Open actions during station changes
  • Do not go beyond shooting stations
  • Pick up hulls only after practice round is over
  • No hunting on the Club grounds

Shooting Etiquette

  1. Check in prior to shooting
  2. Keep guns pointed in a safe direction at all times
  3. Be ready when it is your turn
  4. Avoid loud talking or distracting others while they are shooting
  5. You may need to pull or score for others on your squad

Mandatory Waiver must be signed and brought to the range


Upcoming Events

No upcoming events.

Our Shoot Results


Black Oak Clays is teaming up with Highland Hideaways for a 200 Target Challenge.

You may click the tab below for current shoot results.

Our Past Shoot Results


2019 Iron Man 400

Team Results

Congratulations to HOA Champion Jake Vande Noord and Runner up Ben Parlett. 

Master Class

1-Ben Parlett

2-Rick Cook

3-Jeff Van Pelt

AA Class

1-Doug Lee

2-Josh Vande Noord

3-Dennis Bristle

A Class

1-Brad Boyer

2-Cole Waite

3-Carl Joy

B Class

1-Nikolas Perkins

2-Ross Sales

3-Eric Viers

C Class

1- Robert Smith

2-Jeff Harsch

3-Don Normoyle

D Class

1-Noah Seelye

2-Caleb Folkers

3-Eli Kigar

E Class

1-Cole Anderson

2-Wyndell Campbell

3- Logan Bruxvoort

Hunter Class

1-Jamie Ubben

2-Tim Haas

3-Ben Boeke

We had 7 teams entered. Congratulations to :

1st place team-1344 - Bob Humphrey, Ken Frost, Doug Lee and Rick Cook

2nd place team-1312-Lindy Roberts, Brad Boyer, Denny Bristle and Jeff Van Pelt

3rd place team-1310- Josh Vande Noord, Jake Vande Noord, Greg Williams and Jamie Ubben

Tie breakers stations where determined by Little Fox River- station 1 - total score of both rounds.

The link below will show you the combines shoot results. 

The link below will give you team results

Black Oak Clays' Beginning

Iowa Scholastics Clay Target program

Iowa Scholastics Clay Target program

Iowa Scholastics Clay Target program


A team-based youth development program that uses the clay target sports of trap, skeet, and sporting clays to instill life skills  in Iowa's youth. 

Pella Shooting Team

Iowa Scholastics Clay Target program

Iowa Scholastics Clay Target program


Being the head coach for the Pella Shooting Team we quickly found that there was no place to practice.

5 Stand fields

Iowa Scholastics Clay Target program

Two Skeet Fields


We have two 5 stand fields, offering a wide variety of targets which vary in degree's of difficulty depending upon the field you chose.

Two Skeet Fields

We are passionate about the sport

Two Skeet Fields


We started with just a few machines to practice off of and quickly grew to becoming an Atlas trap machine dealer for Iowa. I have enough machines for a 10plus station sporting clays course or 5 stand and a skeet field to practice on.

We are passionate about the sport

We are passionate about the sport

We are passionate about the sport


Being a sporting clays shooter myself, I enjoy setting some of the fun targets that I have seen over the years.

The Re-(A)wards are priceless!

We are passionate about the sport

We are passionate about the sport


Hard work reaps great benefits for young and old!

Our Favorite Links

Pella Security

Twin Oaks Retreat

Twin Oaks Retreat


Twin Oaks Retreat

Twin Oaks Retreat

Twin Oaks Retreat



Twin Oaks Retreat

Scholastic Shooting Sports


Scholastic Shooting Sports

Scholastic Shooting Sports

Scholastic Shooting Sports



Scholastic Shooting Sports

Find Shoot Results


Find upcoming tournaments and results at iclays


Find Shoot Results

Scholastic Shooting Sports

Find Shoot Results


Our Goal is to Teach!

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1243 180th, Pella, Iowa 50219, United States

Mike 641-780-4801 or Sharon 641-780-4802